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Jeff enjoys challenges and solving problems.  He has an extensive and varied set of real-world experiences and abilities, in industries that include restaurant, computer hardware installation, computer programming, insurance, accounting, education, non-profit, real estate, rental, and pet industries.

In the past thirty years, Jeff established several businesses, providing for the accounting, employment, general business infrastructure, and day-to-day operational management.  In the process developing and honing his bookkeeping skills, he also acquired 14 years full-charge payroll experience during this time.

In the 10 years prior, he was responsible for identifying customer requirements and fulfillment of those needs, often building out the equipment to the customer specifications: identifying inventory, upgrading/installing hard drives, memory, and video components, software installation, and testing, as a computer rental representative. 

In another he provided specialty programming using dBaseIII, primarily converting data formats, such as mailing lists, but also multi-user business applications for banks and non-profit organizations. 

He was also responsible for establishing the accounting and collection procedures. 

Jeff's interest in business, accounting (particularly payroll) and computer business applications began with his first job in high school when he found an error on a pay check.  He created and developed a FORTRAN IV program to calculate and track his pay using his high school's IBM 1130 computer during his computer class.  After graduation, Jeff  completed computer programming classes at Los Angeles Valley College, including BASIC, RPG II, and COBOL.

Jeff has been using QuickBooks for over 18 years and is QuickBooks© Certified User. He has also used Quicken for personal finances for over 25 years.

Jeff's accounting experience includes:

Basic Accounting    Human Resources
Accounts Receivable
  Customers, Invoicing, and Statements        
Accounts Payable
  Vendors, Bills, and Payments
General Ledger

Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet
Basic payroll requirements                           
Federal tax filing
State (California) tax filing
Worker's Compensation reporting
W-2/W-3 filing

W-4/W-9 requirements

Independent Contractor's
1099/1098 filing
Local government tax preparation:
  Sales Tax
  Business Tax

Jeff's QuickBooks experience includes:

  • PC & Macintosh platforms
  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions
  • Company File setup
  • Chart of Accounts setup
  •    Asset, Liability, Capital, Income, Expense Accounts
  • Items list setup
  •   Inventory
  •   Non-inventory
  •   Service
  •   Other
  • Bank and Credit Card account setup
  •   Reconciliation
  •   Transaction download
  • Accounts Receivable
  •   Customer setup
  •   Customized Invoicing, Sales Receipts, Statements
  • Accounts Payable
  •   Vendor setup
  •   Bills
  •   Reimbursable Expenses
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  •   Employee
  •   Payroll items 
  • Reporting
  •   Profit & Loss
  •   Balance Sheet
  •   Trial Balance
  •   Specialty reporting

Additional QuickBooks experience:

  • Account and transaction clean-up
  •   Identification, normalization, and reclassification of transactions per GAAP standards.
  • Merchant account setup and processing
  • Forms design (work flow), including mechanical forms designs and integration
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, Access
  • Integration with TurboTax tax preparation software
  • Modeling processes in MS-Excel for transaction export to QuickBooks.

Jeff has used Quicken for personal accounting since it was released over 25 years ago.  He has extensive experience in Quicken's functionality, including:

  • File setup
  • Account setup
  •    Bank, Credit Card, Other Assets and Liabilities
  •    Account transaction downloading
  • Category setup
  •   Income, and Expense categories
  • Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Integration with TurboTax tax preparation software

If you would like to see more information about my history, references, and sample work, click here for my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/public-profile-settings?trk=prof-edit-edit-public_profile